Kantian Baby Seal – Original Watercolor Art Painting – Mini 3.75″x4.5″ – Unframed


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Title: “Kantian Baby Seal”
Medium: watercolour on paper
Framed or Unframed: unframed
Size: 3.75″x4.5″ (it’s small)

An original watercolor painting of a cute baby seal. Text on the image comes from Immanuel Kant:  “Time is nothing else than the form of the internal sense, that is, of the institutions of self and of our internal state. For time cannot be any determination of outward phenomena. To say, then, that all our sensibility is nothing but the confused representation of things containing exclusively that which-”

Artwork is signed and dated on the back. Shipped in protective bag.

Please note: image may not be reproduced or used for commercial or noncommercial purposes without permission. If you would like to license this image for any other use please contact the artist at hi@ambervisualartist.com. Thank you for your understanding.


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